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Redesign Your Floor & Wall Space...
Raise Your Electronic Equipment To New Heights!

With A Speaker Lift & TV Ceiling Lift From INCA TV Lifts

If you’ve worked hard to hide away your cables and plugs, you’ll appreciate the opportunity for concealment afforded by a Speaker lift and TV ceiling lift. These unique devices provide the opportunity to free up much needed floor and wall space by getting speakers and Plasma TVs out of the way! Out of sight --- but not out of reach --- a Speaker lift and TV ceiling lift will provide the flexibility you need to make your viewing and listening environment extra-appealing. Protect your investment in your speaker system and their sensitive electronics – and open up valuable floor space. A Speaker lift can secure this delicate equipment out of the way of probing hands. What does a Speaker lift offer?
  • Lower or raise speakers from a concealed position
  • A Speaker lift accommodates concealment above-ceiling, below-floor, inside-wall, or tucked inside existing cabinetry
  • Completely self-contained
  • Precise rack-and-pinion driven
  • A speaker lift can raise/lower speakers up to 70 pounds and 12”-wide x 12”-deep x 20.5”-high
  • A custom lift can be designed for your unique speaker dimensions
While you’re at it, why not raise your Plasma TV to new heights as well? The investment in your speaker system is certainly comparable to your Plasma TV investment. Plus, your Plasma TV likely consumes more floor and/or wall space. What will a TV ceiling lift offer you?
  • A subcompact TV ceiling lift capable of lowering a 55-pound television
  • Conceals your TV above the ceiling and out of view behind a hidden panel
  • Compatible with all INCA lift accessories including remotes, tilts and swivels
  • Custom TV ceiling lift options available
If you like the minimalist approach to a room, want to safeguard your electronic investments, or just want to add contemporary flair to your room, a Speaker lift or TV ceiling lift is just for you. These unique devices will free up prized floor and wall space and keep equipment safe. Design your room without equipment design constraints. For complete product information on Speaker lift and TV ceiling lift options available at INCA TV Lifts, as well as spec sheets, animated display examples, and to obtain a quote, please visit us online today.
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