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Hi-Tech Demands High Quality!
You Want Only The Best Flip Down Flatscreen Lifts In Your Home

Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Quality Fold Down TV Lifts
When You Shop Inca TV Lifts

Are you looking for a high-quality fold down TV system that will allow you to keep your television out of view while it is not in use? With the help of Inca ceiling TV lifts, you can keep your television safely tucked away so you can make better use of your space, while also making your room look more attractive.

Whether your home is traditional, cotemporary or minimalist in design, you will surely appreciate the added space available when your television is tucked away. And it keeps your investment secure too! Hidden away and out of reach of probing young fingers, you can rest assured you television investment will remain secure and well protected out of sight.

With Inca, you will find a variety of quality flip down flatscreen lifts to select from. Some of our options include:

  • Model #900814-410-400
  • Model #900814-410-S
  • Model #900814-410-EXT-400
  • Model #900814-410-EXS-400

All of these fold down flatscreen lifts have much to offer!

  • Able to mount a flatscreen and then fold it down to the desired position
  • Includes an external J-box with 25 feet of cable
  • The ability to fold a full-sized flatscreen with only twelve inches of available ceiling space
  • A number of control options, including single-channel RF radio remote, infrared, rocker switch, and 12 VDC/dry contact closure for touchscreen use

In addition to these two top-notch fold down TV lifts, we also offer other quality lifts and accessories to make your viewing experience complete, including…

  • Flatscreen Wall Mounted Systems
  • Projector Lifts
  • Door and Panel Openers
  • Flatscreen Lifts

To explore all of the available flip down flatscreen lifts and other types of ceiling tv lifts available today at Inca Corporation, visit our home page -- or visit our Services page to request a catalog today!

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